Nation will prosper if we have confidence to compete with other countries: PM Imran

On Thursday, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Pakistan must always aim to be self reliant and not be afraid to have lofty dreams.

“People talk about projecting a soft image for Pakistan. What does a soft image even mean? […] Will the world begin to think very highly of us then?” said the premier at a gathering in Islamabad.

He said that Pakistan must not fall for this misconception. “This is having an inferiority complex. When a country loses self-confidence, it begins to think of how to please others,” the prime minister said.

“We must never think of doing something that the West wants. Like when Musharraf spoke of ‘enlightened moderation’. […] No one knew what it was. People thought they more they look like people from the West, the more they will seem moderate,” PM Imran Khan said, adding that a nation only does such things when it lacks confidence.

He said it is the nation that has to pay taxes “so we don’t beg for grants elsewhere”. “As our mindset begins to change, believe me I say this as a man who has seen the world, Pakistan’s tremendous potential will begin to unlock.”

The prime minister said the country is blessed with countless bounties, saying that “we undersell ourselves and lack belief”.

“The day we have the confidence we can compete against any other country, the nation will reach great heights.”

He said that Pakistan need only project one image — that it is an independent nation, one that is standing on its own feet, has confidence, and believes in its future and does not rely on any other nation. “It is only then that the world respects such a nation.”

PM Imran Khan said it was a major mistake to take part in “someone else’s war”, referring to Pakistan supporting the US post 9/11 in the fight against terrorism.

“We fell under pressure and took part in their war […] First we took part in the [Soviet-Afghan War] in the 80s and glorified the mujahideen […] And then after 9/11, we labelled them terrorists and at their bidding began fighting them,” said the premier, adding that of course Pakistan then “suffered”.

PM said “So what lesson have we learnt from the past? We have to strengthen the nation and make it stand on its own feet. We have to ready the nation to pay taxes, without which we won’t be able to educate our citizens, take care of their health or improve the infrastructure.”

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