Kashmiris near to their destination: Babar Awan

ISLAMABAD – Advisor to the Prime Minister on Parliamentary Affairs Dr Babar Awan said Thursday that India was facing defeat diplomatically on issue of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir due to proactive and aggressive policies of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“The people of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) were near to their destination of getting right to self-determination as all global players including United Nations and US have felt gravity of the situation,” he said in an interview with The Nation. He pointed out that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government has played a role to bring the issues of Kashmir and Palestine on the top of the agenda of Muslim Ummah.  The advisor said that Kashmir issue had been on the agenda of UN Security Council for decades. He said that India has been making an effort to push the Kashmir issue in the category of “dead wood” but it has faced a failure. 

Babar Awan went on to say that at first, the Kashmir issue has gained international attention after PM Imran Khan’s address to the UN General Assembly. “Now this has become an issue of UN.” He urged the need that the solution to the long-standing issue was necessary for the regional peace. 

He said that secondly, a question in the past was being raised on Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) for not taking open and tough stance against India on Kashmir.  “Now for the first time, OIC has come in support of the right to self-determination of the people of Kashmir,” he said adding that the forum has opposed India’s anti-Muslim policies. 

He said that the forum has also rejected the unilateral actions of August 5, 2019 of India regarding Occupied Kashmir. 

Thirdly, he said that India had been blaming Pakistan as the facilitator of terrorism but it was now on the back foot after PM Imran Khan talked about Islamophobia in UN General Assembly and became ambassador of Kashmiris there. PM the world about similarities between polices of Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi and German dictator Adolf Hitler, he added. 

The fourth change, he said that Pakistan was taking the Kashmir issue as its first priority and India because of the same reason has made thousands of seas fire violations by targeting civilians including children and old age people along the Line of Control (LoC). “This is a proof of the fact that India wanted the world to divert it attention from Kashmir issue,” he said. He also said that India was involved in sponsoring terrorist activities in Pakistan. 




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