DRAP approves CanSino vaccine for emergency use

ISLAMABAD-The Drugs Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) on Friday approved the emergency use authorisation of CanSino, second Chinese novel coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine.
Officials at DRAP said that a private pharmaceutical company A.J.M had applied for the emergency approval of CanSino vaccine. 
Officials said that Sinopharm, also a Chinese vaccine for COVID-19, was brought in the country by National Institute of Health (NIH), while CanSino was applied by the private sector.
DRAP officials said that the approval was given in the policy board meeting.
The CanSino vaccine was applied last week for the emergency use authorisation of the COVID-19 vaccine with the DRAP.
Earlier, CanSino also conducted COVID-19 trials in the country and it will be the second Chinese vaccine for COVID-19 after the SinoPhram to be allowed emergency use in Pakistan.
The government has also confirmed that Russian vaccine Sputnik-V vaccine has been also given emergency use authorisation, while in upcoming months Pfizer from the United States will be also available in Pakistan.
Officials said that the CanSino has been manufactured in China’s Academy of Military Medical Sciences and its trials were conducted in Pakistan, Russia, Mexico, Chile and Argentina.
In Pakistan, CanSino clinical trials were conducted in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Officials added that the CanSino is a single dose vaccine.
Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on NHS Dr. Faisal Sultan in his social media message said that clinical trial data (phase-3) of a one-dose Ad5-nCoV vaccine for COVID-19 (Cansino Bio) was received. Interim analysis by the Independent Data Monitoring Committee (IDMC) shows 65.7% efficacy at preventing symptomatic cases and 90.98% at preventing severe disease (multicountry analysis).
He said that in the Pakistani subset, efficacy at preventing symptomatic cases is 74.8% & 100% at preventing severe disease.
SAPM on NHS also added that the IDMC did not report any serious safety concerns. Data includes 30,000 participants and 101 virologically confirmed COVID-19 cases.
Meanwhile, DRAP in collaboration with the WHO arranged a one-day training session on monitoring adverse events following immunisation of COVID-19 vaccine.

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