Retailo, Hilal Foods announce partnership

Karachi   –  Retailo, the fastest growing B2B e-commerce platform in the MENAP region, partners with Hilal Foods Pvt Ltd, a leading confectionary and food manufacturing company in Pakistan. The mutually beneficial partnership will not only give wider reach, audience and credibility to both the companies, but also solve the supply chain issues of the local retailers and store owners in the region. With Hilal Foods on board with Retailo, local retailers will now have access to a greater variety of products to order through the digital app of Retailo. Hilal foods themselves will also be able to take advantage of Retailo’s reach and penetration to reach retailers in every corner of the city and maximise their sales and profits.

Supply chain difficulties exist across the MENAP region, limiting opportunities and growth of not only retailers, but also manufactures. Retailo is committed to streamlining the supply chains of the region through technology and supercharging the industry, benefiting the retailers, manufacturers and end consumers of FMCG goods as well. Together, the two companies can make availability and access easier for retailers across the city. Retailo’s unique business model, the systematic logistics, beautifully uncomplicated technology is revolutionising the retail industry and to serve the demand, Retailo is quickly expanding the portfolio of SKUs that it holds. Retailo co-founder Wahaj Ahmed said, “With Retailo becoming increasingly popular among retailers to order goods for their shops, we are constantly looking to partner with more brands to meet the demand by expanding our portfolio and making more goods available for ordering through our app. The partnership with Hilal Foods will ensure a steady and sufficient supply of Hilal Foods products to retailers across the city.”

Regarding this partnership, Hilal Food’s Marketing Manager, Salman Yousuf stated, “Hilal Foods is always glad to welcome reliable partners that align with our business objectives and help us further our business. With Retailo, we are confident we will be able to increase sales of our products, and reach a wider market of retailers and consumers. This partnership can assist the both of us in realising our individual visions, while contributing positively to the GDP of the country.”


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