Maryam leveled baseless allegations to influence cases: NAB

LAHORE – National Accountability Bureau (NAB) while taking notice of baseless allegations and interpretations in electronic and print media leveled by PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz, clarified that the money laundering and Chaudhry Sugar Mills’ cases against Maryam Nawaz were under investigation in NAB.

According to a statement issued by the NAB Lahore on Tuesday, Maryam Nawaz, besides creating unrest during her appearance outside NAB Lahore after being summoned by the Bureau, had tried to malign the national institutions including NAB, judiciary and law enforcement agencies by leveling baseless allegations only to intervene and influence the pending money laundering and corruption cases against Sharif family.

The statement added that Maryam Nawaz allegedly had tried to escape from the investigation being conducted against her and create an environment to develop a rift and conflict between the national institutions. Maryam Nawaz through her aggressive statements challenged the law and order situation during her appearance before the NAB Lahore last year when a purposely planned attack was made on national institution while the FIR#2036/20 of said incident was also registered with Chung Police Station.

Bureau says negative criticism is a bid to create wrong perception that such cases are based on political perspective

Later, the NAB, considering the national interest, political situation and political engagements of Maryam Nawaz had decided not to summon her for a specific time but Maryam Nawaz had taken this decision for granted and continued to challenge the accountability process.

On various occasions, the statements of Maryam Nawaz outside accountability courts and negative criticism on judiciary and NAB were allegedly a bid to malign the accountability process and create a wrong perception in the masses that such cases were based on political perspective.

The NAB had also clarified that Maryam Nawaz not only passed misleading comments pertaining to the NAB’s application in Lahore High Court but also distorted the facts.

The NAB was a national institution which as per its mandate believed in performing constitutional and legal procedures by ensuring merit and justice while the Bureau would continue such steps without any discrimination as the NAB was performing a national duty to root out corruption from the country, the statement said. The NAB had no affiliation with any political party, whereas each and every step of NAB was for the welfare of the people and the country, the statement concluded.



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