Amazon adds Pakistan on sellers list

ISLAMABAD   –  Pakistan has been added officially in the Amazon sellers list. 

The ministry of commerce announced that Pakistan had been added in the sellers list of Amazon — one of the world’s largest e-commerce platform. This marks the accomplishment of a milestone of the National e-Commerce Policy, and is the outcome of sustained engagement with Amazon since the last quarter of 2019 by the Ministry of Commerce, Pakistan’s Embassy in Washington, Consulate General in Los Angeles and the Pakistani diaspora on the West Coast of the US and continuous dialogue with the business community and public sector stakeholders, through the National e-Commerce Council (NECC). 

Pakistani manufacturers gaining access to a worldwide e-commerce platform with Amazon will open a new chapter of supply chain where Pakistani manufacturers will sell directly to customers. This new channel will encourage manufacturers to work back from customer needs, design new products, offer high quality at competitive prices and also access new market segments. 

The Adviser to Prime Minister on Commerce and Investment said that the Ministry of Commerce will continue discussions in the Focus Group for Amazon which will include representatives from sellers, logistic companies, various Ministries and SBP to further guide Pakistan’s business community on how to make best use of this opportunity. 

By connecting with and forming part of the global e-commerce network, an excellent opportunity has been created for Pakistani entrepreneurs, as highlighted by Mr Eric Broussard, Vice President, Amazon International Seller Services who said and we quote:

“We are excited to announce that as of today, Pakistani entrepreneurs are eligible to sell on Amazon.  We are eager to work with Pakistan’s dynamic business community, including small and medium-sized sellers, and help connect them with customers around the globe. –”

Mr Dawood said, “In order to reap  full benefits, a lot of hard work has to be done in training, quality assurance, improvement in logistics, payment systems, Customer Relationship Management, etc. 

He encouraged the breed of young entrepreneurs to train themselves in this regard and strive for continuous product improvement as a long-term continuous endeavour”

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