COVID-19 restrictions can’t be eased until nation is vaccinated: Dr Faisal

The Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on Health Dr Faisal Sultan said on Saturday that the restrictions of COVID-19 will not be eased until the whole population of the country gets vaccinated.

The SAPM in a video message said that coronavirus restrictions will be eased once citizens start getting themselves inoculated.

Dr Faisal Sultan said that the country is reporting a decline in Covid-19 cases and the coronavirus positivity ratio has dropped to the lowest at 4 percent.

“The coronavirus positivity rate has dropped considerably because of the effective government measures in tackling the deadly third wave of coronavirus,” he added.

Faisal Sultan further said that the Covid-19 situation in Sindh is still critical as the positivity ratio stands at 7 percent in the province.

Moreover, the SAPM also urged people not to pay heed to rumours about the efficacy and side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine being administered in the country.

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