Pakistan’s Mariam Nusrat Adil makes it to Forbes Next 1000 List, a new achievement

Each year, Forbes’ lists continue to highlight the potential and achievements of intellectual and brilliant minds from across the globe and introducing them to the entrepreneurial world. 

Mariam Nusrat Ali, a Pakistani entrepreneur, with her minimalist yet mind blowing business start up has reached an international level. A resident of Virginia, Mariam has represented Pakistan on a global level.

Ali has done her post-graduate degree in economics from Lahore University of Management Sciences and as ell as from the George Washington University in the United States.

She is the founder of GRID (Gaming Revolution for International Development). Through her startup, she has been successfully leading an interdisciplinary team of Pakistan-based game developers and designers for the last six years.

The Gaming Revolution for International Development aims to solve significant world problems by creating games that stimulate positive behavioural change.

Furthermore, Marium believes that behavioural change “cannot be born, contextual realities cannot be ignored, and innovation cannot wait [until] tomorrow.”

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