Past in Perspective

“What we don’t understand we can 
make mean anything.”
-Chuck Palahniuk

The Winchester Mystery house is a mansion located in San Jose in California and belonged to Sarah Winchester, the wife of the firearms magnate William Winchester. Despite its lively appearance, the house is believed to be the home of supernatural activity. According to the legend, William died of tuberculosis and Sara sought the help of a spiritualist who could communicate with the dead. Her husband warned her from beyond the grave about the ghosts of those who were killed by their firearms who would continue to haunt her. As a solution, he told her to move to a new house in which she must continue construction so that the place could be a home to the spirits as well. He warned her that if she stopped construction, she would not live. Later, she did as she was told and the Winchester House remained under construction for 38 years. The day she passed away from a heart attack in her bed, the construction also stopped. Now, it has become a tourist attraction for all those fascinated by her story.

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