Online tuitions

Education is an important part of everyone’s life but today the world is going to be more competitive than in past years which enhances tuition needs. Nowadays, people move towards the technological side like the usage of computers, laptops, and mobile phones. In ancient times, school/university students joined home tuition and used to have less interest in technological tools. No doubt more than half of students are stuck in physical tuition due to feasibility and reliability. Meanwhile, online tuition increases technological knowledge and experience. However, it reduces the reliability in terms of hiring other persons to do their assignments and quizzes on their behalf. Thus, the gap of quality increases between physical and online tuitions with decreasing knowledge and experiences. In addition, creativity also affected when the gap between online and physical tuition is enhanced. It has the opposite influence as compared to quality. Although online learning reduces quality, it promotes creativity. Hence, the young generation should take benefit of the online system and encourage personal grooming. Selecting the way of learning depends on the preferences of individuals. After comparing the flexibility in both ways, still, students are comfortable in physical tuition. Effective learning and the feasibility of physical tuitions encourage them to rely on this method. but there is still a need for improvements. Because online tuition is an advanced method, if people are reluctant to do physical things in the era of technology, then it is not good for the country’s own growth as well.



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