#cameronherrin sparks internet, becomes top trend on Twitter

Cameron Herrin, a 21-year-old male convicted of the murder of a mother and her daughter on the street incident in April 2018, has appealed on the basis of court document his 24-year sentence.

Cameron wrote words of regret and remorse to the family of the victims, expressing his sadness and regret, and confirming that this incident was not his will.

Justice for #cameronherrin has sparked the internet today and became the top trend on Twitter in Pakistan. Twitter users came together in solidarity with Herrin and called for the reduction of his imprisonment.

In May 2018, while on the streets of a Tampa boulevard with his friend, he murdered two people with Mustang hitting 100 mph right before the crash.

Herrin’s friend swerved out of the way, but Herrin swerved into Jessica and Lillia, killing both of them.

A street racer of Florida has received a 24-year prison sentence for killing a 24-year-old mother and her daughter.

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