Needed Response

An unfortunate abduction has needlessly led to fingers being pointed against Pakistan. As Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid has already pointed out, the missing links in the investigation point to some inconsistencies that must also be clarified by all concerned. This is why the hasty decision by the Afghan government to recall their diplomatic team is counterproductive in Pakistan’s efforts to get to the heart of the matter.

Be that as it may, Pakistan is well within its rights to respond in kind and recalled Ambassador Mansoor Ahmad Khan from Afghanistan for consultation. The Afghan government’s drastic step even after being brought up to speed on all efforts in catching the culprits merited a response in kind from the government. If there is a trust deficit, it should first emanate from Pakistan, which has seen a sudden rise in incidence of terror ever since the US withdrawal became imminent.

Pakistan has absolutely nothing to gain from spoiling relations with Afghanistan—there should be more questions addressed towards India and others interested in sowing strife and conflict in this region. Any crime requires motive, and it is easy to see why the Afghan ambassador would be targeted even when Pakistan had offered to host a two-day peace conference for Afghanistan, alongside constantly offering to mediate. Unwarranted accusations will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

But even though our government shares no blame in the unfortunate incident, the best strategy now would be to find the culprits behind the attack and bring them to justice immediately. Although we have the moral high ground, it is important to not let the situation get any worse. A quick resolution would help restore the confidence of the Afghan government in Pakistan’s willingness to be staunch partners going forward. It is time for us to move past old trust deficits and forge a new path, one that allows for us to preserve mutual interests—peace in the region—and work together.

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