Ulema’s declaration affirms commitment to peace, harmony during Muharram

LAHORE – After the meeting of Ittehad Bainul Muslimeen Committee chaired by Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar, a joint declaration was issued with the consensus of Ulema of all schools of thought.

The joint declaration said that the Ulema and Zakireen would adopt a moderate and positive attitude in their sermons to avoid sectarian tensions. “Our religion Islam teaches us the lesson of tolerance towards non-Muslims and guarantees the protection of their worship places. The scholars in their speeches should also emphasise tolerance, humanity and unity of the Ummah and completely avoid highlighting the differences,” it said.

The declaration also asked the Ulema to tell people that the Government of Punjab was fully aware of the requirements of defence of the homeland and security of the people.

The joint declaration also mentioned that Ulema would fully cooperate with the administration to maintain law and order during Muharramul Haram, especially the implementation of coronavirus SOPs.

The Ulema of all schools of thought also agreed to avoid sharing their differences to refrain from hurting the sentiments of any Muslim.

CM Buzdar chairs meeting of Ittehad Bainul Muslimeen Committee

It was also stated in the joint declaration that terrorism and killings in the name of religion are anti-Islamic and Ulema strongly condemn it. They pledged they would avoid all such speeches and writings which might cause annoyance and provocation to any school of thought. “The Islamic State guarantees good treatment with the non-Muslim citizens, especially protection of their worship places, and we should ensure it.”

A strong condemnation was made in the joint statement on the attack on the temple in Bhongh, Rahim Yar Khan. The meeting pays tribute to the sacrifices made by the Pakistan Army, police and other law-enforcement agencies for the defence and integrity of the beloved motherland.

It was further stated that the country is passing through a critical phase, and in this time of trial every Pakistani needs to show patience, courage and foresightedness for the strength and stability of homeland. “We pray to Allah Almighty to protect the country, and may our efforts to ensure unity and integrity among us yield positive results.”

Earlier, a meeting of Ittehad Bainul Muslimeen Committee Punjab was held under the chair of Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar which was attended by Ulema and famous literary and religious personalities from all schools of thought.

The chief minister said that Ulema had always guided the nation at every crucial time. Usman Buzdar lauded the role of Ulema for promoting brotherhood, solidarity and religious tolerance in the country. He said that the role of Ulema or the promotion of religious harmony could not be ignored. He also commended the role of religious scholars for fulfilling their obligations in the implementation of coronavirus SOPs in an effective manner throughout the province. He said: “Pakistan belongs to all of us, and we can fulfil our commitment to the country by forgetting all differences and giving respect to each other’s religious sentiments. Everyone has to play a positive role for maintaining a peaceful atmosphere of religious harmony and brotherhood to foil the nefarious designs of anti-state elements.”

Maulana Tahir Ashrafi stressed upon Ulema to keep a vigilant eye on those who are spreading hatred on the internet. Zubair Ahmed Zaheer said that extending cooperation to the government was a national obligation. Raghib Naeemi said that the government had taken effective measures to maintain a peaceful atmosphere of religious harmony and brotherhood in the last Muharramul Haraam.

Abdul Khabir Azad said that in order to maintain religious harmony, he visited Bhongh, Rahim Yar Khan as it was the duty of Ulema to play a role of bridge to eradicate the differences. Peer Syed Saeedul Hassan Shah said that it was utmost necessary to get aware of anti-state and anti-peace elements.

The Ulema appreciated the steps taken by the government to promote religious harmony. The meeting strongly condemned the attack on Hindu temple at Bhongh, Rahim Yar Khan. Special prayers were offered at the end of the meeting for the security and stability of the country.

Provincial Ministers–Basharat Raja and Pir Syed Saeedul Hassan Shah, Special Assistant to PM on Religious Harmony Maulana Tahir Ashrafi, Parliamentary Secretary Auqaf Taimur Ali Laali, Chairman Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee Maulana Abdul Khabeer Azad, and other religious scholars attended the meeting.

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