Another Attack

Quetta saw another tragic bomb blast, in which two policemen were killed and 21 injured. This has become an all too frequent occurrence ever since the civil war in Afghanistan has intensified. Attacks such as the one in Quetta—low effort and potentially high reward for the terrorists—have been seen time and again. What is more troubling is that the number of such incidents is not decreasing.

Only three months ago, we witnessed one of the most secure establishments in Quetta, the Serena Hotel, targeted. This time an IED was planted on a motorbike in the vicinity of the same hotel, only the target on this occasion was a police van. A grenade was also thrown at a roadside stall, injuring the vendor. It is clear that the idea is to simply derail Pakistan’s progress towards establishing peace in the country by any and all means, even if the lives being targeted are those of innocent civilians.

On their end, it is clear that our security forces are working around the clock to fight this continuous threat. Security officials were aware that there was the threat of an attack in Quetta through intelligence gathering. The report of the Counter Terrorism Department killing 3 terrorists associated with the TTP and Jamaat-ul-Ahrar in Lahore is indicative of proactive action against militants.

While there are questions and false allegations against Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan, we continue to suffer the most after Afghanistan itself. International journalists and policy experts claim that Pakistan is behind the civil war; however, our citizens and security officials have already started facing this war that we never wanted to be a part of. Older wounds have not yet begun to heal, and fresh ones have started to appear due to the rise of violence in Afghanistan. The government must fight this diplomatically. While unfounded charges are laid at our door, we must remind the world that Pakistanis are the second casualty of the war on terror. And as victims, we want nothing but to see the back of this conflict.

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