Corona concerns

We did not have a pause from the coronavirus, but the government and other political parties started showed a lax attitude toward observing necessary precautions. The government through mass media campaigns keeps telling people that unless everyone gets vaccinated, precautionary measures such as social distancing and strict personal hygiene are the only way to keep the virus in check.

However, our leadership of all major parties, who are supposed to be the role models for their followers, seldom forget to follow the SOPs themselves. They are seen appearing in public without wearing masks and often seen shaking hands and hugging people. They are also not willing to hold back on their public rallies and meetings to stop the spread of this virus. Little do they realize that people mimic their leaders. In the words of Plato, “People do what the (state) leaders do.” This is the reason that campaigns against corruption and dishonesty fail. When people see their leaders indulging in corrupt practices and breaking the law, they also do whatever in their power to do the same.

Unless our leaders shun their hypocritic behaviours, we are unlikely to see a nationwide change where people seriously follow what the government is telling them. This is utterly important in the case of Coronavirus SOPs as it literally is matter of life and death. I hope our leaders will realize the gravity of the situation and be the role models that help mitigate the spread of the virus through strict precautionary measures. Holding off on public events may not do too much damage to their political careers but it will sure save precious lives.



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