PTI leader alleges Rs33bn embezzlement by PPP govt in RO plants project

KARACHI   –  The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf on Thursday accused the Pakistan Peoples Party government in Sindh of having embezzled Rs33 billion through the RO plant project in the province and appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice of the “huge scam.”

Haleem Adil Sheikh, in a statement issued here on Thursday, demanded for arrest of Sindh Chief Minister, Minister for Public Health Engineering, Director General Sindh Arid Zone Development Authority (SAZDA) and other responsible officials and said that issue of mega corruption in RO Plants would be taken to court and NAB.  

“Followers of Yazid have turned Tharparkar into Karbala and residents of the district were suffering from problems like water scarcity, malnutrition and lack of medical facilities,” Haleem observed. As many as 622 Reverse Osmosis plants were installed out of total 750 proposed plants while 228 RO plants including machinery went missing, he said,adding that allocated budget of 750 RO plants issued to Pak Oasis Company even before completion of the work. Haleem Adil Sheikh said that 400 RO plants malfunctioned immediately after the installation and billions of rupees were released in the name of repairs. An additional Rs300 million were released as well to another company, Oslo, in the name of repairs, he added. The leader of the opposition said that though most of the RO plants were closed, budget for fuel of the plants being issued while on the other hand 700 employees had not been paid salaries for several months.

The local administration sold machinery worth millions of rupees in connivance with the provincial government while tube wells installed by SAZDA were also sold and funds embezzled by the Sindh government, Haleem Adil Sheikh alleged adding that embezzled amount was transferred to fake accounts and was used for expenses of Bilawal House and payment of bills of Bilawal and Ayan Ali. 

Raising serious concerns on increased child mortality rate in Tharparkar this year commented that the ‘chairman by chance’ was taking revenge of democracy from every individual of Sindh. Terming the Sindh government as an obstacle to Federal government initiated projects Haleem Adil Sheikh noted that the PTI federal government issued health cards in Tharparkar but there was no quality medical facilities to reap the benefits of health cards. 

Mobile medical units are being used in CM constituencies for taking political advantage in elections in Karachi, Haleem Adil Sheikh further alleged.

3-year performance of PTI govt highly acclaimed at national, int’l level: Imran Qureshi

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Hyderabad President Imran Qureshi on Thursday said the 3-year performance of the PTI government had been equally recognised both at national and international level. Commenting on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s initiatives taken for reforms in the social and welfare sectors he said “Ehsas Kifalat Programme, shelter homes, health cards and home financing on very low markup are some of such initiatives.”

He claimed that the PTI government’s social package was the largest one in the country’s history. Qureshi said special programmes had also been launched for the youth as well as the rural agrarian community. He added that the work on 10 dams would be completed in the next decade while the tree plantation drive was also reaping success. The PTI’s leader said his party’s government was also fighting with the political mafias which had plundered the country’s wealth during the previous governments.

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