Pay taxes to make country prosper, PM urges nation

On Friday, Prime Minister Imran Khan urged the nation to pay taxes to make the country prosper.

PM Imran Khan was addressing the ceremony of the three-day Pakistan Property, Housing, and Construction Expo 2021 organized by the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) in the federal capital.

The premier said, “You must pay taxes so we can improve the infrastructure and fulfil your basic needs such as education, health, good roads, electricity.”

He regretted that the people do not do so and then demand facilities, “like having done no good deeds and still desiring to go to heaven,” pay taxes so the wealth of the country can increase, he stressed.

He said that the federal government was trying to take steps for the local manufacturing of different products.

Speaking of the government’s efforts he said, “We spent two years getting the foreclosure law passed by the courts, which has now paved the way for banks to provide mortgage financing, meaning financing for houses.”

PM Khan said that Naya Pakistan could not be made by just pressing a button but it needed a constant struggle. He concluded that we have to change the mindset of the people.

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