PTI’s Haleem alleges Sindh govt patronising narcotics trade

KARACHI – Pakistan Tehrek-e-Insaf’s Central Vice President and the leader of the Opposition in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh said on Tuesday that the Federation would play its role to resolve the issues being faced by the people of Sindh.

Addressing anti-drug conference organised by the Pakistan Tehrek Insaf at Press Club Hyderabad, he said that menace of drug abuse had widely spread in Sindh, hence, joint efforts by all relevant authorities were needed to save the future generation from negative effects of slow poison. Haleem termed the narcotics peddling as a part of fifth generation war that was aimed at spoiling minds of Pakistani youth and stressed that Federal Investigation Agency, Anti-Narcotics Force, Customs and all other law enforcing agencies have to play proactive role to frustrate the evil designs of enemies of Pakistan.

He accused the Sindh government and the PPP leadership of patronising illegal trade of narcotics, dacoit gangs and land grabbing in the Sindh province. He further blamed that police department was heavily politicised and it could not take any action to check illegal activities. Land grabbing and illegal trade in real estate sector was a major concern of FATF, he noted.

He also quoted some incidents when drugs were recovered from vehicle and house of police officials in Jamshoro and Mirpurkhas but no legal action was initiated against the culprits. Fifty percent problems could be solved by rounding up black sheep present in different government departments, he opined.

Drugs are easily available in every city of Sindh due to criminal involvement of certain police officials 

“Stop patronising the drugs and other mafias and revamp the deteriorated system to effectively check the illegal activities of anti-social elements,” Haleem urged the Sindh government and said that PTI would file a petition in Sindh High Court for seeking the remedy and ensuring implementation on court orders.

Whenever the Federal government announced to start any project or initiative for public welfare in Sindh, PPP tried to block it in the name of 18th Amendment and provincial autonomy, Haleem observed and urged the PPP to stop using Sindh card and ponder over the issue with a patriotic approach.

Prime Minister Imran Khan and PTI would not leave the people of Sindh in the hands of mafias as the Federal government was committed to resolving all the issues being faced by the masses in Sindh, he said.

PPP’s Sindh government has ruined the province, as AIDS was spreading at alarming rate, children in Thar were dying, medicines of government hospitals were selling in market while roads, schools and other infrastructure was in dilapidated condition, Haleem noted.

PPP had not spared even culture and archaeological sites of Sindh and the most recent disaster was historical fort of Hyderabad. In the past, they bulldozed the world famous archaeological site of Moen-jo-Daro and recently main entrance of Paka Qila caved in due to negligence and corruption of PPP government.

PTI would form district level committees with representation of lawyers and civil society activists across the province, he informed and elaborated that those committees would highlight corruption and misuse of authority and other issues at grass root level and seek remedies. PTI has also constituted different committees to deal with issues like lawlessness, shortage of irrigation water in tail end areas, menace of drugs and other issues of common men, he said and vowed that the mission started by his party would continue till achievement of set targets.

Haleem also announced that the next conference of the series on menace of drugs and dacoits would be held in Sukkur to discuss the grave issue of lawlessness that had made lives of millions of people of upper Sindh miserable. Earlier, Additional Director FIA Wasi Hyder Shah, SP headquarters Hyderabad Anil Hyder, SP City Alina Rajpar, President Hyderabad Press Club Abdullah Sheikh, PTI leaders Imran Qureshi, Advocate Ali Palh, Khawand Bux Jahejo, Advocate Bhagwan Das, Ameenullah Moosakhel, Abdur Rasheed, Human Rights activists and representatives of civil society attended the conference.

The issue of drug abuse was discussed in detail and different recommendations were presented to root out the rapidly spreading menace of drug abuse.

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