Govt failed to protect people’s lives: JI

ISLAMABAD – Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Emeer Sirajul Haq has said the government has failed to protect citizens’ life and property as police are killing innocent people in broad daylight even in the federal capital. Talking to media after visiting the family of late Shahid Imran, a young trader who was shot dead by Islamabad police on September 4, he said the JI would pursue the case until the family was served justice. He said police murdered Shahid in direct firing and now were trying to hide the facts. He said the FIR of the incident was registered after hours of protest although it was the basic right of every citizen. Sirajul Haq regretted the poor had no value of life in the country and they were target of the wrath of every powerful. He said a common man never felt a sense of protection from police and government. He said the prime minister made repeated claims to introduce reforms in police but his government did nothing in this direction in three years. He said the government must understand that the change would not come with the transfer posting in bureaucracy. Sirajul Haq said the ruling elite destroyed every sector of the country and the PTI, the PML-N and the PPP belonged to the same class. He said the incumbent and previous governments only served their self-interest while staying in power. He said the country needed a system where rich and poor treated under same law. He said the JI would transform Pakistan into a corruption-free and welfare state if voted to power.


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