Avoid smoking  

 Smoking is one of the biggest social problems across the globe. The number of smokers is increasing day by day around the world. According to a report, more than one billion people are wonted of smoking and they start smoking between the age of 16-22 years. In the beginning, they start it as a fashion but with the passage of time, they become habitual of that. 

If we look around us, smokers do not risk their own life, but they harm other people with their negligence. It was reported that smoking kills more than 7 million smokers every year. In addition to 1.2 million non-smokers have lost their lives because of cancer, lungs, livers and hurt diseases that took place in the body of human beings due to the germs of tobacco. Therefore, it is the moral duty of smokers to avoid smoking in public places, hospitals and during travelling in buses, trains and other means of travelling. 

On the other hand, it is the responsibility of the Government to arrange seminars to aware the citizens of the harms of tobbaco.



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