Ch Sarwar terms electoral reforms a must for transparent elections

LAHORE – Punjab Governor Ch Sarwar said on Sunday that transparent elections would boost the morale of the Election Commission of Pakistan, adding: “Electoral reforms are now crucial for transparent elections.”

“In order to make next elections fair, the government is working with commitment,” he stated. “But the opposition is hindering the process of free and fair elections despite the fact that election results will be declared within a few hours through electronic voting machine,” he added. The governor was talking to well-known businessman Gohrez Habib Khan, lawmakers of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and mediamen here at Governor House on Sunday.

“Strengthening the institutions is the top most priority of the government for which practical steps are being taken,” he added.

The governor said that from the day first, the government was inviting all the political parties to sit together to introduce electoral reforms. “But the opposition is constantly refusing instead of having discussion with the government. Still there is time. The opposition should negotiate with the government to make next elections transparent,” he said.

Ch Sarwar said there was no doubt in it that fingers had been raised on every election which held in Pakistan so far. “But, the PTI government wants to make next elections so transparent that even the losing candidate could not raise finger on it. Other than electronic machine, there is no option for transparent elections.”

He said: “We have told the opposition before, and saying this again that the government is not scared of their long march and threats. The government is not going anywhere before 2023. The elections will be held on time and people will decide with the power of their vote that which party they want to see in government.”

Ch Sarwar added that public-private partnership was very important for the national progress.

 “The PTI government has protected Pakistan from bankruptcy. 

It is due to GSP Plus status that Pakistan has been able to earn a profit of $24 billion so far.”

The governor stated that for a solution to the business community’s problems, the doors of Governor House were always open. “The government is addressing the business community’s problems on a priority basis,” he added.



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