Equality at the Wheel – Steering towards Women Empowerment, Swvl announces its first Female Captain

Swvl becomes the first-ever mass commute service to have a female captain on board, yes you heard that right! Be it empowering women to commute with safety or advancing women’s economic empowerment, Swvl has enabled growth opportunities everywhere.

It is a long-known fact that employment in public transport in Pakistan has been the preserve of men and Swvl bringing the First Female Bus Captain is a new step to encourage more women to use public transport, feel secure, and provide equal growth and career opportunities for women of Pakistan. 

Women need Safe and Reliable commute options

Many women have to resort to expensive options like cab services in order to avoid unpleasant situations faced in public transport. Swvl is a bus hailing app that aims to revolutionize the Pakistani public commute services by enabling women to travel with safety and save up on their limited resources of time and money. 

If a bus is out of seats, you won’t be forced to stand your way 

It is important to understand women’s transportation needs in order to bridge the mobility gap in gender inclusivity. Swvl emphasizes enabling women to commute at ease with their safe, secure, and reliable bus services in major cities of Pakistan, namely Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. Safety and security are the primary focus of Swvl’s preferences especially female safety, booking is based on available seats only to ensure everyone has a reserved seat. You can download your Swvl app today by following this link.

Swvl Captains are Verified, Trained, and Supervised – Revolutionizing Public Commute Services for Women’s Safety

Commuting in public transport without fear has been made easy for women by Swvl because their safety, comfort, and peace of mind are more important. 

Swvl aims to provide a safe alternative to public transportation for female commuters, Swvl captains are verified, go through extensive background checks, their actions are supervised at every step of the way and the company’s support hears every report filed against the bus quality, captains, or any inconvenience faced by commuters during their travel.

With the onboarding of a female captain, Swvl has walked the extra mile to ensure female commuters travel with safety, convenience, security, and affordability.

Why don’t you still have the Swvl app on your phone?

The level of safety, security, and comfortability you get at Rs. 30 are extraordinary, and you get your first free ride with Swvl using promo: Welcome.

You can download the Swvl app on your phone through this link.

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