NHMP adheres to basic principles of honesty: AIG

ISLAMABAD – Additional Inspector General National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP) Khalid Mahmood on Thursday said that NHMP is a unique organisation that adheres to the basic principles of honesty, courtesy and prompt assistance with motorways and national highway users. 

Speaking at the live Programme ‘E-Khuli Kachehri’ at FM-95 Radio and official Facebook Page of NHMP, he said, “NHMP believes in equal and fair application of law, strict enforcement on National Highways and Motorways to regulate the flow of traffic.” 

He also answered to the questions asked by the radio listeners all over the country/abroad. 

Khalid Mahmood requested the commuters to maintain safe following distance between vehicles to avoid accidents and avoid overtaking where prohibited. 

He said, never ride motorcycle without helmet, rider and pillion rider must wear safety helmets. Make sure you have a first aid box and fire extinguishers in your vehicle, fasten your seat belt before driving, and don’t use mobile while driving.

“Accidents are caused due to overloading and over speeding, so never do over speeding and overloading. 

The national Highways and Motorway Police working day and night to make your journey safe on roads” he added. 

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