Single national curriculum

Single National Curriculum’s first phase has been implemented by the federal government in order to provide, fair and equal education across the country for maintaining social cohesion and unity. There are multiple questions are raising here on SNC in light of its implementation and whether such policy is in the right direction or not. In the meantime, any modification in the syllabus must cover education on water conservation and peaceful living of various ethnicities and cultures in Pakistan. 

To educate on the water is need of the hour, keeping in view global climatic conditions and melting of glaciers which may become the prime cause of water scarcity and it can lead in future wars among nations on water conflict. Simultaneously, youth, which is an enthusiast of learning at a young age, through formal and informal means of education; their minds must be feed with the intellect of peace, love and harmony related lessons In order to live with all kinds of religions, races and cultures so that respecting one another’s beliefs would be a top priority. We all human beings are created equally, and Islam as the religion is its epitome which is a religion of peace and itself is a complete code of life.




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