Faulty cable that caused internet disruption now repaired, PTA says

After a blow to The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has stated Tuesday that the fault in submarine cable near Fujairah, UAE, which had caused the internet speed in Pakistan to slow down, has been repaired.

The PTA said in a tweet earlier today that the cable is repaired and soon the services will be restored fully. “Work is underway to make the services fully functional.”

Alternatives in place to provide internet after fault in submarine cable, PTA says

Many people have complained of slowed internet or its outright outage causing disruption in services that rely on the internet. The PTA said it’s overseeing the situation now which ensures that notice has been taken by the authority and indeed problem people have been facing is real.

Earlier this year when a similar problem had occurred, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority said alternate arrangements are in place to provide uninterrupted internet service following a reported fault in an international submarine cable that dented Pakistani internet surfing.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority said the uninterred[ted internet to the users is being ensured by the service providers as they obtain additional bandwidth.

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