MUET signs MoU with NGo to achieve sustainable development goals

HYDERABAD – The Institute of Environmental Engineering and Management (IEEM) of Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET), Jamshoro, has signed a memorandum of understanding with a non-governmental organization to achieve the sustainable development goals.

The spokesman of the non-profit  Shelter Participatory Organization (SPO) informed here on Sunday that their organization would contribute by working in partnership with other major stakeholders like government, academia, industry and business community to help attain the objectives.  Samreen Khan Ghauri, the SPO’s Chief Executive who inked the MoU, said

the organization would share information and resources, conduct activities and capacity building of the partners.

She added that SPO strived to achieve the SDGs through community participation and engagements, working with different stakeholders right from the local to the global levels. According to her, the SPO had remained engaged with MUET since 2018. “The present cooperation will lead both institutions to work in a more organized and comprehensive way to strengthen collaborative approach towards academic excellence, social justice and the development goals,” she expressed the hope.  Prof Dr Sheeraaz A Memon, Director IEEM, described the vision and objectives of the institution and said producing qualified engineers to provide innovative solutions to the environmental challenges and nurture personal growth skills were their fundamental aims.

He emphasized on the need of undertaking collaborative efforts and underlined the importance of the community actions as quintessential for attaining the SDGs. He elaborated a few innovative projects of IEEM regarding the environmental engineering which were important in the prevailing regional, national and global scenarios. Saqib Abro, Station Manager and In charge of MUET campus Radio FM 92.6 observed that there were ample opportunities and possibilities in the field of communication.

He added that MUET’s FM 92.6 was providing quality programs and information to the vast range of population with the focus on keeping informed, educating and entertaining thousands of students and faculty members. Some other faculty members also expressed their views on the occasion.

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