PM Imran meets John Kerry, calls for need to engage with Afghanistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan stressed that the international community needs to work pragmatically to preserve peace and security, prevent an economic collapse and avert a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan in a meeting on Monday with American politician and diplomat John Kerry.

The Taliban-run government in Afghanistan faces isolation as countries have yet to recognise their regime since they took over after ousting Ashraf Ghani in mid-August.

Kerry, the United States’ Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, and the prime minister spoke on the sidelines of the “Middle East Green Initiative (MGI)” Summit in Riyadh. 

The premier is in Saudi for a three day visit — from October 23-25.

During their meeting, the prime minister underscored the need for positive engagement and the release of seized economic resources and financial assets for the welfare of the Afghan people.
The premier underscored the importance of a peaceful and stable Afghanistan for Pakistan and the region.

Speaking about climate change, the prime minister stressed the need to reinforce national as well as global emphasis against what he described as an existential threat.

The prime minister shared his perspective with the special envoy on challenges faced by Pakistan and other developing countries due to climate change, while highlighting Islamabad’s experience of launching nature-based solutions to address environmental challenges, including the 10 Billion Tree Tsunami project.

Reviewing the ongoing collaboration between Pakistan and the US on climate change and environment, PM Imran Khan expressed satisfaction on the recently held inaugural meeting of the “US-Pakistan Climate and Environment Working Group” which explored potential areas of bilateral Pak-US cooperation on climate action.

Kerry said the Pakistan-US relationship should be further reinforced in areas of mutual convergence, including climate and environment.

He acknowledged various initiatives undertaken by Pakistan to fight climate change.

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