Ch Sarwar says federal, provincial govts not facing threat from opposition

LAHORE   –  Punjab Governor Ch Sarwar has said that the federal and provincial governments are not facing any threat from the opposition parties. “The coalition parties are with the government and no party including the PML-Q has talked about leaving the coalition,” he said while talking to media after addressing a condolence reference held in the memory of senior columnist Dr Ajmal Niazi at Al-Hamra Hall Lahore on Thursday.

The governor said it was not the first time that the opposition parties had announced to protest against the government. “The opposition parties including Maulana Fazalur Rehman, had staged long marches and protests in the past, but they did not succeeded in their goals,” he said, adding that there was still no threat to the federal and Punjab governments from the opposition. “As far as the coalition parties are concerned, they are with the government and no party, including the PML-Q, has spoken about the leaving the government,” he maintained. “Unfortunately, the opposition parties give priority to personal and political interests instead of national and public interest. They are also obstructing the electoral reforms necessary for fair and transparent elections,” he observed.

Sarwar said that crimes against Indian Muslims had risen since Narendra Modi came to power. He added that the Indian government, police and all organisations were fully supporting the terrorist organisation, RSS, which was targeting Muslims. He urged the international human rights bodies including the United Nations to take notice of crimes against Muslims.

Addressing the function, Ch Sarwar paid tributes to the services of Dr Ajmal Niazi in the field of journalism and said that he always wrote in the interest of the nation and highlighted the problems of the common man. “His services in the field of journalism will always be remembered,” he added. He said that every Pakistani must play his role for the development, prosperity, peace and stability of the country. “The strength of Pakistan is the strength of every Pakistani. When people from all walks of life including politics and journalism will do their jobs honestly, no power in the world will be able to stop Pakistan from moving forward,” he said.

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