Moot marks 70th anniversary of Pak-China diplomatic relations

lahore   –  Punjab Culture Minister Khayal Ahmed Kastro chaired the fourth meeting to mark the 70th anniversary of Pakistan-China diplomatic relations at Al-Hamra here on Friday.

Information secretary, Al-Hamra executive director and representatives of different departments attended the meeting. Culture Minister Khayal Ahmed Kastro said that the 70th anniversary of the Pakistan-China friendship would be celebrated in a unique way throughout the year.

“Pakistan and China have deep-rooted cultural and diplomatic ties spanning over several decades,” said the minister and added that the provincial departments would organise special programmes, keeping in view the Pakistan-China friendship. “Special digital stalls and folk programmes will also be arranged,” he said. “A song based on the Pakistan-China friendship will also be released on the occasion. Sequential programmes will be conducted in all Arts Councils,” he added.

The minister said that Pakistan-China Friendship Walls would be set up in different cities along with the release of a documentary to highlight the history and cultural ties of both countries. “Pakistan-China Friendship Parks will also be developed in major cities,” he added. “On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations, the colourful Chinese culture will be fully highlighted through different programmes. The series of programmes will begin with a major programme by the information and culture department,” he concluded.

Information and Culture Secretary Raja Jahangir Anwar said that the Chinese consulates in Pakistan would also be included in the celebrations. He said that the Pakistan-China friendship would be enthusiastically celebrated by the civil society.

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