NBP system restored after cyber attack

The National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) on Monday announced the restoration of its system that was affected on Saturday following a cyber attack.

According to the NBP spokesperson, the operation to restore the bank’s services to full capacity following a cyber attack is underway.

“NBP services will be fully restored this week,” said a spokesperson in a statement.

Separately, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Monday denied reports of cyber security attacks on nine banks of the country and said that no bank other than the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) faced a cyber attack.

In a series of messages shared from its Twitter handle, the central bank while rejecting fake news being circulated online said that no bank, other than the NBP, has faced a cyberattack.

“Some fake news regarding cybersecurity attack on banks is in circulation including remarks attributed to Chief Spokesman Abid Qamar,” it said while sharing the fake news that claimed that nine banks have been affected by the attack and that money has been withdrawn and data were stolen.

It said that the SBP rejects such news and no financial loss or data breach has been observed so far. “SBP is monitoring the situation closely and it will share any update or information about the incident through its official channels.”

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