Punjab-The Celebration of Life

Just like other provinces, Punjab is also participating in Dubai Expo 2020 to showcase its potential in different sectors which can attract investments

Dubai Expo 2020 has begun after a delay caused by Covid-19 pandemic. Over 190 countries are participating in the event, hoping to attract investments by showcasing their potential in various sectors such as tourism, sustainable urban development and technological advancement. Event will be ending in March 2022; it is expected that it will attract around 25 million visitors which makes it the biggest in-person event since the start of pandemic. 

Pakistan pavilion is located in the Opportunity District of the Expo 2020 in Dubai showcasing “Hidden Treasures” of our magnificent country. It is among the most beautiful and most visited pavilions of this global event. According to CNN Travel, Pakistan is among the most spectacular pavilions in Dubai Expo 2020. “Pakistan pavilion offers multi-sensory installations encapsulated in walls of colour. The colorful façade is a “reflection of the beautiful changing seasons the country experiences, one of the most diverse on Earth,” according to its designer, Rashid Rana. Inside, Pakistan’s “hidden treasures” are showcased, including its spiritual traditions, history and sustainability initiatives.” CNN Travel

Just like other provinces of the country, Punjab is also participating in Dubai Expo 2020 to showcase its potential in different sectors which can attract investments. Tourism department of Punjab is all set to unveil its true potential & possibilities through an immersive and multi sensory display at this mega event from 7th to12th November, 2021. Department of Punjab Tourism will be displaying hidden treasures of the province under the theme of Punjab ¬–– The Celebration of Life. Punjab has a whole range of one of the best kept secrets of human excellence in the region be it the home of one of the earliest civilizations of the world, its diverse scenic beauty or its rich, hospitable & colorful culture.

Punjab, the land of five rivers is blessed with diverse landscapes from desert to snowy mountains to lush green plains. Punjab has unique geological, religious, historical and cultural heritage. This is the very reason why 3 of its sites are inscribed in the World Heritage List of UNESCO and many are in its Tentative LIST. There are so many sites of historical, religious, scenic, cultural, and geological significance which can become major tourist destinations of the region. In the preCovid-19 conditions Pakistan witnessed a huge 300% rise in the domestic tourism due to the tourism friendly policy of the current government under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan. In his words, “No other sector in Pakistan offers returns on investment as much as tourism.” Thus, Dubai Expo2020 presents an appropriate opportunity for Punjab Tourism to showcase its untapped potential. 

Punjab Tourism for Economic Growth Project (PTEGP) is working relentlessly to preserve and market established sites in the province. At the same time, project is facilitating the government to develop new tourism destinations across the province through inclusive economic development plans. The collaboration of public & private sector is so vital in developing efficient and sustainable tourism solutions. At Dubai Expo2020, hidden treasures and investment opportunities’ potential will be exhibited under following 5 major themes of Punjab presenting its diverse religious, historical, scenic and cultural heritage;

• Punjab – The Land of Diversity

• Punjab – The Cradle of Faiths

• Punjab – The Land of Opportunities 

• Punjab – The Saga of Civilizations 

• Punjab – The Spice of Life

Currently, Destination Investment Plans for 9 sites have been prepared which are in Attock, Kotli Sattian, Jhelum, Chakwal and Bahawalpur. At Dubai Expo2020, PTEGP will be organizing several seminars and a dinner for investors aiming to highlight the untapped potential of investment opportunities in the tourism sector of Punjab. Following destinations are being developed which offer a great return on investment for future;

• Attock Khurd Resort

• Kotli Sattian, tourism highway with services infrastructure

• Narar Valley, infrastructure for hill station is approved to be developed in this beautiful valley 

• Rohtas Fort, a World Heritage Site of UNESCO will be having a bypass road with modern services infrastructure both at & off the site

• Khewra Salt Mine, home of Pink Salt will also be having modern services infrastructure of personal wellbeing such as spas 

• Katas Raj Temples Complex, touristic services area with required infrastructure will be developed at this extremely sacred site of Hinduism in the picturesque Salt Range of Punjab

• Dharabi Lake in the Soon Valley of Chakwal is being developed as a major tourist destination for nature lovers, services areas with modern facilities such as glamping pods, cafes and water sports will be provided

• Lal Suhanra National Park, a home of ecotourism with versatile landscapes and species of Flora &Fauna is to be provided with services infrastructure

• Derawar Fort, a magnificent landmark in the desert of Cholistan has become the apple of many eyes in Pakistan. An annual Jeep Rally and its local culture & crafts are attracting so many tourists in the recent years. A comprehensive destination development plan has been approved to develop infrastructure at the site to improve connectivity and visitors’ experience

Dubai Expo has indeed provided Punjab Tourism a great opportunity to showcase its hidden treasures and its enormous investment potential. 

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