Dry weather brings seasonal diseases and clean drinking water issue in Hazara region

ABBOTTABAD   –   Recent dry weather in upper parts of Hazara division Saturday created drought, affect the standing crop and also created the shortage of clean drinking water. Farmers are worried about their losses caused by the dry weather. During the last one month, no major rain has been reported in the region and this is likely to prevail in the coming few days.  If the situation persists it is expected that the issue of clean drinking water would also raise in Abbottabad, Manshera and other districts of the Hazara division where people are also facing a shortage of water. Farmers have also requested the ulema and people for special prayers for rain. Besides the issue of farmers in the main Manshera city most of the people are using water tanker for their domestic needs, availability of the drinking waters of the municipal committee was very short and moreover half of the tube wells or not working.

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