Kite string slashes throat of young motorbike rider in Lahore

A youth sustained injury on his neck from a stray kite string in the factory area of the city.

A young man, Mujahid, was returning home on motorbike when the twine of a stray kite slashed his throat, Rescue sources said.

The injured was transferred to hospital for medical attendance.

The ban on kite flying is intact, but the city police have miserably failed in its complete enforcement under various excuses.

The kite flying leaves kites stuck in branches of trees, and the strings attached with them hang like a sword on roads to cause deaths and injuries to innocent people.

For several years, kite flying has been banned in Punjab and a punishable act with the penalties including imprisonment and fines or both in accordance with the promulgated laws.

In 2007, the Supreme Court had imposed a ban on Basant celebrations after deaths of scores of people due to kite’s glass-coated and chemical laced strings.

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