Square Nine International wins Best Company 2021 at Best Achievement Awards

Colombo   – Square Nine International won the Best Real Estate Institution Award in 2021 at the Pakistan High Commission Colombo and Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce’s Joint Programme for Best Achievement Awards Ceremony. On the occasion, Waleed Malik, CEO, Square Nine International, said that the award for the best real estate company is an honour which will be maintained in 2022 as the authoritative institution is the one which knows its customers as the most authentic and saves their capital. It should be noted that Square Nine was selected by RCCI for the best performance out of 40 companies in the real estate sector. On the occasion, Chaudhry Nadeem A Rauf, President, Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that the efforts of Square Nine International at the Colombo Awards were less than commendable as the organisation had proved it. The 33rd Awards Ceremony was jointly organised by the High Commission of Pakistan, Colombo, Sri Lanka and the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce. Malik Waleed, CEO, Square Nine, said: “We are committed to protecting those who invest in our sector and making their investments the safest. He said that he is committed to provide facilities to the people and will continue to do so. He said that Pakistan’s vision is development and Quaid’s Pakistan will shine as a bright and developed Pakistan. Square Nine International Group CEO Waleed Malik said that receiving the award would be a testament to our hard work and the confidence of investors. It is fruitful, and we will continue to serve our country with the same determination. The event was attended by the President of the Rawalpindi Chamber, members of the Executive Committee, Pakistan’s High Commissioner in Colombo Tanveer Ahmed and a large number of members of the Pakistani community. The children sang the national anthem and prayed for the security and development of Pakistan at the end of the ceremony.


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