Ali Zafar lauds brother Danyal Zafar for his first concert

Ali Zafar’s brother Danyal Zafar recently shared a snippet from his first-ever live performance. Taking to his Instagram, Danyal shared he was nothing but grateful.

“For two years I have just been locked in the studio making music. I know I put some stuff out that got a lot of love from you guys but I was dying to see how it all translates with you all when I’m on stage – only to witness my expectations blasting through the roof with such insanity!” he wrote, adding, “This was insane. When I asked you all to light up your torches I couldn’t believe what I suddenly saw, it was like an ocean of lights as far as the eye could see and I got goosebumps there and then.”

He went on to share, “I was so overwhelmed I didn’t know what to say. I just lied down, and let go. I let the love sink in, and just then. I heard my name being chanted like never before. I was complete at this moment. And I’m so happy it was captured. Thank you so much for the much love. You’re the ones who made me.”

Soon after Danyal’s post, his brother Ali, too, shared a heartfelt note for the former. Sharing the same video, the Channo singer wrote, “My dear brother, I’ve seen you grow up to be a boy with selfless love and care for everyone.”

He added that “I can understand the challenges that you’ve had to go through, but what is life without challenges that help you find your true self, grow and become a better man. I always believed that you were different. Different from me, different from everyone else. There’s only one Danyal Zafar and he has arrived!”

He concluded by stating that “Shine on, you crazy diamond! This is just the beginning!”

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