CM Murad counts Sindh govt’s ‘unprecedented achievements’

KARACHI – Sindh Chief Minister (CM) Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that some of the major and unprecedented achievements of the provincial PPP government, include power generation from Thar coal, restoration of law and order in post-2008 scenario and establishment of powers plant, construction of roads and bridges on river Indus on PPP mode.  

This he said on Monday while talking to Assistant Superintendents of Police (ASPs) of Specialised Training Programme at National Police Academy here at CM House. The meeting was attended by Chief Secretary (CS) Mumtaz Shah, IG Police Mushtaq Maher, ACS Home Qazi Shahid Parvez, faculty members of the police academy and others. 

The chief minister said that coal mining in Thar and installation of coal-based power plants was not an ordinary task. ‘All the government institutions, right from the federal government to the provincial set up were against open pit mining. They were of the view that the coal was of inferior quality and was not fit for power generation,” he said and added since it was the dream of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, therefore the party leadership and the government were committed to realise her dream and finally we had achieved the objective by producing indigenous coal and started supply it to the power plant installed near by the mine.  

Shah proudly said that today the power plant was supplying 660 MW coal-fired energy in the national grid and similar other projects worth billions of rupees were still in progress. “This achievement of the provincial government of PPP would be written in golden words on the annals of history,” he said.

Talking about law and order, the chief minister said that when PPP came into power in 2008 in Sindh, neither the highways were secure, nor the city of Karachi was peaceful. “Peoples used to travel in convoys on the highways and Karachi had no-go areas where even law enforcement agencies were reluctant to enter,” he said and added the PPP government not only secured highways but removed no-go areas in the city. Murad Ali Shah termed it a big achievement which was followed by reconstruction of infrastructure of the city and restoration of educational, cultural and sports activities in the city. 

Talking about the achievement of the Public Private Partnership concept, Murad Ali Shah said that the Sindh government constructed Hyderabad-Mirpurkhas Road on PPP mode and then bridge on River Indus to connect Thatta from Jhirk-with Tando Mohammad Khan at Mulakatiar. He added that then the provincial government went on taking up projects on PPP mode and the worth mentioning were Karachi-Thatta Road, Ghotki-Kandhkot Bridge on River Indus, Malir Expressway (under construction) and various others. The chief minister said that political opponents were accusing the PPP government in Sindh of not paying attention to the city of Karachi but he said it was his government which had developed its infrastructure. “The so-called claimant of Karachi had given dead bodies, target killing, extortion and no-go areas to the people of this city,” he lamented and said his government was still working on the development of the city. 

Murad Ali Shah claimed that his government has done a comparatively good work in establishment of health institutions. “Today some of our hospitals are well-known in terms of health care all over the country,” he said and added he had to work for the improvement of education in a similar pattern. 

The chief minister responded to the questions of the under training ASPs and urged them to serve the country with devotion, dedication and honesty.


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