Chairman FBR ensures seamless customs clearance at Chaman

On the third and last day of his visit to Balochistan, Chairman FBR/Secretary Revenue Division, Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq Ahmed, visited Customs House, Chaman.

He was accompanied by Dr. Muhammad Saeed Khan Jadoon, Member (Customs Policy), FBR, Mr. Muhammad Sadiq, Chief Collector Customs (Balochistan), and Mr. Rashid Habib Khan, Collector Customs Appraisement, Quetta.

The NLC authorities made a detailed presentation about the ongoing ITTMS project before the Chairman, and informed that the project constituted an important segment of CAREC Regional Improvement of Border Services (RIBS) Program, of which about 42% work has been completed.

The date of completion project was 23rd April 2023, however, in view of importance of the project to the international trade and regional connectivity efforts are afoot to complete it by end of December, 2022.
Later on, Chairman FBR also visited the under-construction areas of the ITTMS project.

Chairman FBR also visited Pak-Afghan border crossing point (Friendship Gate/Bab-e-Dosti). Colonel Qamar of Pakistan Army briefed the Chairman about the border crossing point and coordination with the Customs authorities regarding cross border movement of trade, Afghan transit goods, and pedestrian movement.

The Chairman, thereafter, visited the Customs offices established at NLC yard in Chaman.

The Chairman appreciated the exceptional revenue generation performance by the Customs at Chaman despite lack of proper infrastructure. He talked about the concerns of security of the Customs staff / cargo and directed NLC authorities for resolution of the issue on priority basis. 

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