70 years of Pak-China diplomatic relations celebrated

LAHORE   –  The Metropolitan Corporation of Lahore organised a ceremony to celebrate 70 years of Pak-China diplomatic relations on Tuesday.

The general managers and chief executive officers of various Chinese companies doing business in Lahore attended the ceremony among elected representatives of the local councils.

Chinese Acting Consul General in Lahore Mr Peng Zhengwu was the guest of honour on the occasion.

Tracing the history of Pak-China relations, Lahore Mayor Col (r) Mubashir Javid said that they were established in 1950 but were formalised in May 1951. “Later, they turned into an everlasting friendship between the two countries,” he added.

He cited the construction of Karakoram Road, Gwadar port, completion of power projects, Orange Line project, and bilateral trade to the tune of billions of dollars as being the milestones in building friendly relations between the two countries. He hoped that close cooperation between Pakistan and China will further strengthen the bonds of love and friendship between the two nations.

Speaking on the occasion, Chinese Acting Consul General in Lahore Mr Peng Zhengwu said that Lahore’s relationship of sister cities with Chinese cities was ample proof of the fact that Pak-China friendship was strong and everlasting. He praised Lahore as a historic city and a symbol of friendship. “Lahore is the soul of Pakistan,” he observed.

Talking about the bilateral relations, he said: “We must further strengthen the diplomatic relations between Pakistan and China.”

Lahore Mayor presented a memento to the Chinese consul general on behalf of the Laborites. Special gifts were also presented to the Chinese who attended the ceremony.

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