Taliban allow protest calling for Afghan assets to be released

KABUL – Around 200 Afghans marched in Kabul Tuesday to demand the release of billions of dollars of assets frozen by the international community — a rare protest allowed by the Taliban as the country battles a major economic crisis. There were no women in Tuesday’s march, organised by a little-known group called the Afghan People’s Movement which in the past has held peace rallies in the capital. Tuesday’s march clearly had the blessing of Afghanistan’s new rulers, with Taliban social media accounts featuring multiple images and video clips saying participants spoke for ordinary citizens. “Let us eat” read one banner carried by a marcher near a square in central Kabul. “Our main demand is that the United States should release our assets as soon as possible,” organiser Shafiq Ahmad Rahimi told AFP. “This is the wealth of the nation, not of any single person, group or government,” he said.


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