Minister stresses use of biotechnology to boost agri production

LAHORE   –  Punjab Minister for Agriculture Hussain Jahannian Gardezi Thursday said that the use of biotechnology was essential to increase agricultural production so that agricultural production and its quality could be improved in line with the demand of global markets. He was addressing an International Conference at Center of Excellence and Molecular Biology, Punjab University, Lahore. The minister stressed the need for improving the molecular biology, gene pool and making full use of biotechnology so that the challenge of food security and nutritional needs of the growing population could be effectively tackled. Punjab Agriculture Minister paid tribute to the scientists of the university for the discovery of new cotton variety CKC3 under Center of Excellence and Molecular Biology and its approval from Punjab Seed Council for general cultivation. He said cotton had paramount importance to the national economy but its area under cultivation had been declining for the last few years. “But it is a blessing that this year despite a 17pc decline in area, cotton production recorded 5.168 million bales which is 2.5pc more than the last year,” he said. The minister urged the young scientists and students to serve the country with the help of modern scientific knowledge so that we can give a prosperous and better future to the next generations.

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