Rana Shamim was official of PML-N lawyers’ wing, his son admitted this: Farrukh

Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Farrukh Habib said on Sunday that Rana Shamim was an official of PML-N lawyers’ wing and his son has admitted this on a television channel.

In a tweet he said that it was a great revelation now that Nawaz Sharif got the affidavit written in his presence to attack the judiciary.

Farrukh remarked that this was the reason Nawaz Sharif was called godfather of the Sicilian mafia. 

Earlier, Advisor to Prime Minister on Accountability Shahzad Akbar said that Sharif family premeditated attack on judiciary to hamper and influence proceedings.

Shahzad Akbar, in a tweet, said that it has also been revealed that Nawaz Sharif had Rana Shamim sign the shady affidavit in his presence in office.

He further said that the big question now is who gave the questionable affidavit to the journalist as Rana Shamim said that it was in a safe.

Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry has also said that Rana Shamim got his affidavit against Saqib Nisar notarized in Nawaz Sharif’s office.

Fawad Chaudhry, in a tweet, said that new revelations have once again proved Sharif family is a Sicilian mafia and how this mafia is capable of blackmailing of institutions of country including judiciary.

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