Govt dropped bombshell of mini-budget on masses on eve of new year: Siraj

Emir Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Sirajul Haq has said the government has dropped the bombshell of mini-budget on the poor masses on the eve of a new year.

Talking to party workers at Mansoora on Friday, he said the PTI failed to provide any relief to the poverty-ridden masses in 2021 and it burdened them with another Rs343 billion on the first day of 2022.

Sirajul Haq also criticized the role of the so-called opposition parties during the tabling of the supplementary budget in the national assembly, saying the opposition staged the walkout only to facilitate the government.

In fact, he added, there were no differences in the policies of the PTI, the PML-N, and the PPP. They (ruling and two opposition parties) were working on the same agenda and were ready to accept every direction of the US and international lending agencies. They fought for self-interest and befooled the people, he added.

The JI chief said the finance minister stated that mini-budget would not bring any disaster was a joke and insult to the poor masses who could not afford two times meals due to skyrocketing inflation and unemployment. He said the poor could not afford medicine as their prices have gone beyond the reach of the common man. The DAP bag was being sold at the rate of Rs9000 per bag, he regretted.

He said the people must take a stand against the ruling elite which deprived the common man even of the basic facilities. He said only a system based on the teaching of the Quran and Sunnah was the solution to the country’s problems. He said the people should reject the tested elite, feudal lords in the coming election and vote for the JI to put the country on track.

Sirajul Haq also highlighted the need for unity among the ranks of Ummah, saying the Muslim world should join hands against the human rights violation and cruelties on the Muslim population and particularly Kashmir and Palestine.

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