CM resolves to continue serving people with same zeal in 2022

LAHORE   –  Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has felicitated the nation on the start of New Year and resolved that the PTI government will continue serving the deprived segments of society with the same zeal in 2022.

In a statement issued here on Saturday, he termed the launch of Naya Pakistan Health Card a gift for the people of Punjab. The chief minister said that the initiative was a real change promised by the PTI government as it was not merely a card but a comprehensive programme for welfare of the common man. He stated that the journey of public service would continue in the New Year too with the same spirit. He said that 2022 would bring a new hope for the nation and the current government would set new records of progress and development in the country.

“Any effort made by the opposition to create hindrances in the national development will be foiled,” he vowed. Also, the chief minister said that the negative politics of the opposition parties had been exposed before the nation.

In a statement issued on Saturday, he said in the present circumstances, the opposition’s behaviour was non-serious. “Giving priority to national interests is the first responsibility of every patriot,” he stated.

The chief minister said that personal gains had no value vis-à-vis national interests. He lamented that the opposition always preferred their vested interests and personal agenda to national interests. “Unfortunately, the opposition parties are still busy dividing the nation,” he averred. “The opposition has also proved that their politics is not based on any principle or ideology,” he concluded.

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