Tehreek-e-Pakistan Park to be made operational soon

ISLAMABAD   –  The Capital Development Authority is all set to give Tehreek-e-Pakistan Park soon to the residents of Islamabad as the construction work on site is in full swing. 

The park is being built on the directions of incumbent government which will not only add a state of the art recreational facility to Islamabad and but also help to transfer the memories of sacrifices made during the Tehreek-e-Pakistan to the next generations. Tehreek-e-Pakistan Park is being developed in Sector H-8 of Islamabad and its construction work is in full swing. According to details, the initial area of the park along with Islamabad Highway in Sector H-8 was about five acres. 

However, the city managers decided to add an adjacent unutilised land for developing the park, therefore, now the park is being built on a total area measuring 10 acres. The 2D and 3D design walls will be constructed in this park on which 2D and 3D images of the biggest migration in the history of Pakistan will be displayed which will help the new generation to become aware of the history of Pakistan.

The park would not provide the recreational facilities alone but it would be an open museum where people could memorise the events of biggest migration that took place back in 1947 at the time of independence.

The park is first of its kind in Pakistan which is going to be built specifically to highlight the sacrifices rendered by the Muslims of subcontinent during Tehreek-e-Pakistan.

Under the said project, other facilities including swings for children, walkways, and jogging tracks will be available as well while seasonal flowers of different colours will also be planted in the park to keep the environment green and fresh.

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