Delay in LG polls affecting uplift schemes, transfers of KP bureaucrats

PESHAWAR   –  Delay in the re-polling of local gov­ernment elections in Khyber Pa­khtunkhwa on certain constituen­cies and the next phase of the polls in the province has caused a halt to transfers in the provincial bu­reaucracy as well as development schemes.

It merits a mention here that the provincial government con­ducted local bodies elections in 17 district in the first phase on December 19, 2021 and also de­clared that in the next phase on January 16, 2022, the polls would be held in the remaining districts of the province.

Also, the transfers and postings in the bureaucracy have been stopped till the local government elections are finished in the province.

A senior official of Civil Secretar­iat told The Nation that Election Commission had failed to complete the LG polls as per the schedule.

“On the one hand, all adminis­trative works, uplift schemes and even the transfers and postings have been stopped while on the other the next phase of the polls is under question because there has been no progress on it so far,” he added.

He said that from the first phase, there are many constituencies that are to be subjected to re-poll­ing as there were problems in the first phase.

“The Election Commission could not even arrange re-polling in these constituencies, let alone ar­ranging the next phase of the polls in the remaining districts of the province,” he added.

Another official said that if the LG polls are delayed by several months even development funds might lapse.

He said that the ongoing situa­tion is benefitting those officials, who are serving on key positions and they want to stay there; this is why they want the elections to get prolonged.

“At least the government should remove ban on transfers, postings and development activ­ities in the 17 districts where the polls have already been complet­ed,” he added.

Meanwhile, Fahad Ikram Qazi, Director Transport KP, said that the Election Commission should either lift the ban on transfers and new uplift schemes till next date for the polls is decided and then clamp the ban when the date of elections is near. “Or if it’s any near date for second phase, they need to announce it and explicit­ly extend the ban, so as to end the confusion,” he added.

Responding to the issue, Elec­tion Commission spokesman So­hail Khan said that there were 215 polling stations where re-polling was to be conducted in the wake of the first phase of the polls.

“The volume of work has been high; this is why we are still stuck with the first phase so far. The date for next phase would be an­nounced once we are done with the first phase,” he added.

He said that maybe the snowfall also affected the polling in hilly ar­eas in the next phase.

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