US VP to take Biden’s place, Dubai to face worst economic crises

ISLAMABAD – Being an amateur palmist and numerologist, I share here my exclusive analysis on 2022 with major events to happen more likely between the periods: 21st March 2022 to 20th March 2023. I hope readers will find the analysis and predictions interesting and these are truly based on the ancient arts of palmistry and numerology.

After considering numbers and hands based data available with me and without my personal liking or disliking but purely based on the acquired knowledge of palmistry (for persons analysis) and numerology (for geographical analysis), both arts are considered ancient arts. 

I am confident to say that the following major events to happen in 2022 or close to given period:

1. There will be a major reshuffle in our Cabinet in this year and before this, there will be change in portfolio of one of the Federal Minister and likely Education. I do not see any General Elections in this year. There will be a boost in reputation of two parliamentarians, one from Jhang area and other from Multan area and after General Elections in 2023, one of them will become nominee of Prime Minister and this is due to equal name affects of both the parliamentarians. I do see worst fuel crises in Pakistan, in this year. All Pakistan will see a significant change in religious values due to Web/Online based lectures on Islam. 2. Joe Biden’s will face health issues at the end of this year and US Vice President to take his place after some time. 3. US and China to differ on highest level due to some issue on Gulf area. 4. Middle East including Saudi Arabia to see two new rulers coming into power. Dubai to face worst economic crises. 5. Israel will introduce some key reforms for national and international interests. 6. Papua New Guinea will face worst kind of coastal storms in Coral Sea and displacement of people at large scale is felt. 7. There will be a major anti-corruption drive in Russia and a number of prominent personalities will be arrested.


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