MQM-P alleges Sindh govt for targeting small businesses

HYDERABAD – The Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Paksitan (MQM-P) has alleged that the provincial government is selectively targeting the small businesses owned by supporters of MQM-P in the garb of the Sindh High Court’s order for removal of encroachment.

The party’s Hyderabad chapter leader MPA Rashid Khilji said the stalls, cabins and carts of the people who support MQM-P were being removed in the name of anti encroachment operation.

“The peaceful response of MQM-P shouldn’t be considered our weakness,” he warned. Khilji alleged that the government land, roads and footpaths occupied by the supporters of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) were being spared in the operation.

The MPA also blamed the supporters of PPP for extorting the traders in different markets in the city.

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