PPP hopeful of sending PM home, early polls

People’s Party Chairman says PM should quit himself

ISLAMABAD   –  Pakistan People’s Party chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari yesterday said Prime Minister Imran Khan must “become sensible” and stop troubling the farmers. Commenting on the shortage of fertilizers, he said that urea was being sold at Rs 3500 per bag in the black market instead of the official price of Rs 1768.

“One bag of urea in Punjab, on one identity card is being sold at Rs 2700 after recommendation by the deputy commissioner. Pakistan used to sell urea all over the world in PPP era and today the entire country is looking for urea. If urea had been made available to farmers before the rains across the country, there would have been an increase in crop production,” he mentioned. Bilawal said that the PPP will hold rallies from January 21 against oppression of farmers across the country and send the rulers home. “The farmers belonging to the PPP will come out in solidarity with the farmer community. Imran Khan has committed economic terrorism by destroying the agricultural sector of an agricultural country which will not be forgiven at any cost. DAP fertilizer is being sold at Rs. 10000 per bag instead of Rs. 4600. The DAP fertiliser was Rs. 3500 per bag during the PPP government,” he said.

Bilawal said that there is no water for growers in Punjab and it costs Rs, 600 per hour to operate a tube well. “It will not be possible for a grower to produce wheat at government price,” he added. The Sindh government has set the wheat price at Rs 2200 per mound (40 kilograms) whereas Punjab has set the price at Rs. 1950 per mound, he said.

“The cost of production per acre has increased after increase in prices of power, diesel, and pesticides so the support price in Punjab should be increased. Imran Khan had joined Germany and Japan geographically and one of his ministers has now joined Sindh’s border with Afghanistan and has accused the Sindh government of smuggling Afghanistan from that border,” he quipped.

The PPP chief said maize cultivation will start in 20 days and if urea, nitrophosphate and DAP fertilizer were not available then a food crisis will emerge in the country.

Meanwhile, former Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf said the PPP’s long march against the government will be historic. “We are urging like-minded parties to form committees to join the Long March and the Farmers’ March,” he told a news conference here.

Ashraf said the PPP cannot leave the people at the mercy of the government, “so we are marching in February.” Separately, PPP central leader Shazia Marri said the opposition demands that the Murree tragedy be discussed in parliament.

“Opposition leaders spoke out and demanded that the facts be made public and that those responsible be punished. I was surprised to see the statements and attitude of the minister,” she said at a news conference.

Before the tragedy, she said, a minister expressed happiness over the entry of millions of vehicles in Murree. Shazia Marri said that the PPP will not let this government to forget the Murree tragedy because due to the  incompetence of government so many people lost their lives. “Prime Minister Imran Khan, Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar, federal Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry should be held responsible and they should resign.” She added.

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