SuperSol founder Aleem Ahmad becomes social media influencer

“We all have the power of thought – so what are you lacking? If you have willpower, then you can change anything.” — Dalai Lama

A leading IT service provider, TheSuperSol has recently launched an IT management software to help organisations in increasing their business agility by automating device management processes and shortening their deployment times.

The newly launched IT software in the market will enable firms with data visibility, device access, and automated processes that are needed to increase speed, accuracy and scale. With the proper management tools, IT teams can handle more users, devices, and locations than before without sacrificing quality or responsiveness. The software additionally prevents businesses and firms from unauthorized access to devices and tightly controls the operations authorized users can perform on them. It further provides the ability to manage the firmware on the IT devices so the latest versions are being used to ensure security.

As IT builds for tomorrow’s needs, it is crucial to have a management platform built on open standards and APIs. Thus, the easy to use software is extensible and easy to integrate into IT systems and have an adaptable and scalable architecture to handle the dynamic markets. These types of IT management ecosystems allow organizations to support user and device growth flexibly and rapidly, including use cases where workers need 4K streaming access.

Success and glory are a concoction of willpower, perseverance, and the ability to maintain composure even after repeated failures. Aleem Ahmad is an adroit software developer who toiled for more than a decade to become a leading programmer in the industry. He had his heart set on coding at a very early age and never looked for any other hobby apart from writing programs that would supplement automation. As his skills improved, he began writing complex routines and designing visually appealing yet competent applications. He pursued the software engineer degree at Punjab University College of Information Technology and graduated with flying colors. His interests always lied in becoming a solopreneur but that was not possible during the early stages of his career.

Speaking about their new software, Founder Aleem Ahmad says, “The influx of 5G, Internet of things (IoT), and artificial intelligence/machine learning is driving explosive growth of compute, network, and storage at the edge. We at TheSuperSol are ensuring to create a protected ecosystem that can help organizations gain visibility into health and status and can remotely manage and control their devices from anywhere, anytime ensuring the smooth delivery of business”.

A meticulous and industrious web mobile application developer possessing extensive knowledge of Android, iOS & Windows application development, and software development, Aleem Ahmad holds more than 9 years of extensive experience in troubleshooting, system design and development.

Being a stalwart professional capable of simulating the performance of applications and software, he is a persistent professional proficient in programming languages like C++ and PHP.

Being a leading IT operating platform, TheSuperSol is an integrated network management platform that helps large enterprises, service providers, and SMEs manage their data centers & IT infrastructure efficiently and cost effectively. The best comprehensive & powerful ITarian IT operating platform helps you simplify in operations, boost productivity, and to better utilize IT resources.


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