First phase of polio supervisory trainings completed

LAHORE – The Punjab Polio Programme has completed first phase of polio supervisory trainings ahead of the sub-national polio campaign starting from January 24. According to official sources, training of more than 6,000 officials at the district, union council and area level workers has been completed. Over 240 sessions were held in health facilities, public schools and colleges using ‘stall methodology’. The methodology has been introduced to boost learning of the supervisors and hold trickle down trainings to the frontline workers in an amicable way. The supervisors were given a refresher on the Covid-19 SOPs, the disease and its preventions, global and national polio updates and cold chain maintenance.

Over 6,000 workers at district, UC, and area level were trained

The second round of the trickle-down trainings to frontline polio workers is in full swing now and will continue throughout the current week. As part of the second phase, over 54,000 polio field workers will be trained ahead of the drive. The sub-national drive or the SNID will be held in nine districts of Punjab which include Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan, Muzaffargarh, RY Khan, DG Khan, Rajanpur, Faisalabad and Mianwali. In Mianwali, meanwhile, the polio eradication drive will be held in selected union councils of the district only. The leadership of Punjab government and the hard work of polio teams has given fruitful results. Punjab has not reported any polio case for over 14 months now. Environmental samples also indicate a promising epidemiological outlook for polio eradication. All environmental samples in Punjab are negative for the last eight months. “Reaching and sustaining zero polio cases and transmission, however, requires even greater efforts. The focus must be on implementing high-quality campaigns that reach all children under five years,” said the head of the Punjab Polio Programme Ms Sundas Irshad. “To achieve this level of coverage, the community should be aware that vaccines are beneficial and safe and the parents can trust the polio programme,” the Punjab Polio Programme head added.

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